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Flat Top & Drop Deck

Ideal for carting general freight, machinery, pipes, steel and agricultural products.

The flat top is for carrying high loads, machinery, silage or just seeking to maximise your cubic capacity.

The Drop Deck can also be provided with optional pull out ramps to allow machinery to be driven between the lower and upper decks.

Flat Top & Drop Deck

Curtain Slider

.Curtain Sider transporting general freight that needs to be protected from the elements.

Curtain Slider Drop Deck

The Drop deck curtain sider is designed for maximum cubic capacity, Drop Deck Curtain sider trailers optimise deck lengths to suit standard pallet sizes and thus maximise cubic and load capacity.


Extendable Trailers


 The extendable trailers, ranging from 12m up to 22m.  Although most extendable trailers are flat tops, we also have an extendable drop deck trailer which we use regularly to transport oversize loads where we need extra clearance to eliminate height restrictions during travelling.

A specialised transport company must have all the right equipment to move oversize transport loads. We understand the customers’ needs are always changing and that is why we continue our commitment to investigate in better and safer ways to transport your product.

We currently have drop deck trailers that have ramps for drive on access to the bed of the trailer, or extendable drop deck trailers that can carry high long loads. This is just another example of the versatility Hinde Transport can offer to all their customers

Curtain Slider Drop Deck